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  1. Engine / Drivetrain
    I have a 1990 Polaris Indy 500. It was the sled I rode as a kid and was gifted it by my dad. It has sat for 6 years so I cleaned the carbs and replaced the fuel lines and tried to start it. But it wouldn't fire so I got a compression tester and found the compression to be around 60psi in each...
  2. Polaris Snowmobiles
    im just curious how the gen 2 xcf was. was there anything bad with them? ik it's a 488 but how good is the engine? also curious about and wedge indy trail 488. im considering picking them up for second sleds they both have between 3200-3400 miles.
  3. Yamaha Snowmobiles
    it ran great last year except we had to disconnect the tors system halfway thru the season. this year when i go to start it it starts kindas and then dies after about 2 or 3 seconds. after dumping gas down the cylinders, it will idle for about 5 or 6 seconds then it'll die and wont start without...
  4. Polaris Snowmobiles
    Broke off one of the plastic fittings that the hose from my carb connects to on my air box. Ordered a new one from dealership, and it appears the hole to allow air to pass through is smaller then the original one. Will this cause a problem if my air box fittings aren't the same size? (yes...
  5. General Sled Chat
    Hi I have a 96 EFI sled that was running great last week started 2nd pull all the time, this week, seems dead and wont start. Battery is good it tested 12.6v and jumped also with a booster pack. both sparkplug are working perfectly fuel pump works when I jump the wires and run it on 12V. I...
  6. Ski-Doo Snowmobiles
    I work for a very small ski hill and am a diesel mechanic by trade, so I'm not great with small engines. I primarily don't operate the sleds, so getting told what happened when things occur is slim at best. This started last week when the sled fouled a set of plugs out on the trail. The...
  7. Polaris Snowmobiles
    hi, I have a fairly mint shape 98' indy 500 but in floods randomly, or at least I think that's the issue. Last time it did was in mid ride so i pulled it home. It started the next day but it spit fuel out the exhaust for a good 5 minutes.
1-7 of 7 Results