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Srx700 triple
Srx700 triple
Two owners
What are plug boots I'm having same problem but mine will kick in at 2800 and at idle it wont run on that cylinder you can touch muffler you put your hand over that carb it well kick I. Thay cylinderyou can drive it and itll vfc work but at idle you need to hold it down to 3i to get it to run on that cylinder we changed carbs boots reed valve's sprayed a hole bottle of eather down by clutch to see if seal was sucking air but it vfc wasnt what could be doing this changed carbs and could fuel pump it starts good plugs are burning good so s tec to lm d me sounds like a bad sleeve a crack but bb'bb'v to cylinders apart and it in great shape 128psi in all cylinders no bogging no nothing it dosnt yeastat to take off pulls hard just wont run on that cylinder at idle and we changed carbs the boles are full of gas took carbs apart 10 times the only time itl kick in on the clutch side is if I hold my hand over carb right quick and itll idle high until it idles down then it stops hitting again on that cylinder I'm stuck vfc and need expertise help dont have no more money to take it in to a shop and have it looked over I had three sled mechanics look at it and just cant understand why it's doing it


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