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  • uncle al ·
    seems I've posted in the wrong place and would like to have the post deleted, and moved to the appropriate area. the post was in (specific snowmobile forum, polaris snowmobile,I've come over to the dark side,post's #25 and 26) Could you move these 2 posts into the polaris specific snowmobile forum as a new thread. Thanks
    rta60460 ·
    I think I just found the answer to my question...the reverse is in the chain case so if I keep my chaincase then it's fine but if I want reverse I just swap chaincases
    rta60460 ·
    hey you've answered a cpl questions I think for me before, I have another :) my 96 formula III 600 I was gonna rebuild ,do to piston damage and two cylinders damaged but I just found a complete motor for cheap so I'm just gonna replace the motor...the motor I am gonna buy the sled has reverse and mine doesn't...will this work in mine? would I have to have the clutch to for that motor or would my clutch work? would I be able to just put the reverse on my sled easily?
    rxt142 ·
    Just purchased a 2000 SKS for my son, noticed after a couple of weeks when he pulled sled to start it there was antifreeze bubbling from head gasket a little. Is there a quick fix to this problem or do we have to change the Head Gaskets and O Rings. If it has to be changed does anybody have instruction on how to do so, or should I have a sled mechanic do it for me?
    cottagelife ·
    polaris indy carb cleaned tank new plugs and filter pumps working got spark cleaned carbs but it wont start even with quick start
    ChrisSproule ·
    Hi there, wondering if you may be able to help me hooking up heated grips on the rear bars of my Polaris 550 Trail Touring sled. I'm having trouble finding an ignition circuit to feed the power from so as to not drain the battery if the switch is accidently left on.

    Thank you,

    snowrider1 ·
    i need help with my 1995 polaris indy 500 carb liquid cool no spark have change 3 cdi boxes have disconected the kill switches by unhooking the sml blk wire from the 3 wire plug harness then by passed the main harness with no availe not sure if it,s the stator or exiter coil what shoukd be done next thank you del sr.
    Conda2 ·
    Sorry to Pm you Smallengineguy but I came across a post of someone having a plugged passage way in his phazer carbs and you posted they suppose to be closed..Ive posted on this and Yamahadad4 says suppose to be open.This sled is a Canada sled.Both Carbs are plugged and I cant get nothing threw it.. Cleaned carbs 4 times now still same problem bogs when go to take off and half choke she picks up then turn off choke and shell run good the bog again but idles great..
    smallengineguy ·
    Here is what he said- at least he's honest!
    No that's an image from the Internet. For some reason I was having trouble uploading my personal pics on here. That's why I put a link to a Photobucket page that has all the pictures of it. Thanks for the question
    92 Mach ·
    hi small engine guy, gotta say thanks agian for helping me with my sc10 swap in my 92 mach 1! wrked out great! i just puchased a set of DGE twin pipes for it and was wondering what you suggested as far as rejetting the carbs for the pipes?
    is this necesary to do? and if so what size jetting shoukd it go? any help is always appreciated thanks again
    Beandon422 ·
    HEy ive been to different forums and you seem to have a vast knowledge on sleds. I have a 1998 Formula Z 670 and when i got it it ran fine 50km latter i blew the mag side piston, i rebuilt the top end but after rebuild it didnt run right, however the side that blew ran like a champ but the clutch side wont run at idle. ive swapped carbs around and it runs the same so i know both sides are getting fuel, both sides are getting spark and both sides have 145 psi. I was always told spark fuel and compression means combustion but not in this case. Also the side that wont run has coolant leaking from the head bolt closest to the RAVE. if you can help me that would be great. i would have put this in a thread but i couldnt figure out how. thanks in advance
    1999MXZ670HO ·
    Hey small engine guy i replaced my needles and seats and it still fucking pulling hard and i just just broke a brand new pull start again ( sorry for the language) just gets ya pissed off but do you have any ideas on what i can do? messsage me back asap please
    LTD89 ·
    Hey Small Engine Guy,
    I have a 95 Grand Touring 470. The muffler turned blood red and had no power. What can cause this problem?
    sledheadjay ·
    Awesome! Thanks for the info :) I plan on finishing this build with the swap and a new track. I bought it in pieces for $500 and it was faded pink lol been a nice work in progress. Very dependable sled so far. I just don't like bottoming out the rear end all the time. It must make the ride quality a lot better too. I do a lot of off trail riding n ditch banging so this swap will suit my needs a lot better. Thanks again for the heads up... Happy riding!
    sledheadjay ·
    Hi there :)
    Did I see a Sc10 swap on your sled? I was wondering if you would have any advice/pointers on this swap. I'm running a 94 formula Z 583 and love it... Except the rear suspension. I am planning on doing this swap as well thru the summer. Any advice or tips would be great before I start. I'm told its just a matter of relocating and some riveting.
    LTD89 ·
    Hi I checked the oil switch on pluged two wires I on pluged brake light switch and dull light still on I checked the grounds on side of motor and one under motor is there any more places to check thanks
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