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Originally Posted by vvek View Post
I did, because here is not own forum for Lynx and Arctic Cat was the first on the list. I could send the Lynx data to other forum but I don't know where?
True, it would be better off in the Skidoo forum, as those are a direct comparison to the machines. Pretty much all the same technology.

Interesting Wikipedia entry:

Lynx (BRP), is a Canadian snowmobile brand in Finland, manufactured and distributed by Bombardier Recreational Products, which has made many unique inventions in snowmobile technology. The newest Lynx snowmobiles are built on Ski-Doo platform with minor differences, but they use a different rear suspension called PPS (Pauli Piippola Suspension) made for rougher conditions than a traditional Ski-Doo suspension system, which is not as tough or heavy as the PPS system

Lynx snowmobiles feature the Bombardier Recreational Products Rotax engine. This engine design is also used in Ski-Doo brand snowmobiles.

The Lynx lineup features four different categories of snowmobiles which range in performance and function: Sport, Crossover, Touring, and Utility.

In 2018, Lynx introduced the Radien chassis. The Radien chassis is also based on the Ski-Doo chassis, but it's made shorter, lighter and smaller. The weight center is also improved on the Radien chassis.

Important to note that Skidoo stopped making the 550F. "smallest" motor you can get now is the 600 ACE. Current Engines: 600 ACE, 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo, 1200 PTEK, 600 Etec, 800 etec (being replaced by the 850), 850 Etec. First 4 are 4 strokes, etecs are 2 strokes (with fuel economy that rivals 4 strokes).

As for suspensions, just about every reviewer out there has said the Skidoo R-motion rear skid is the best in the business as of right now. Most of the front suspensions are pretty much the same and it really all depends on what shock/spring package you have on the front. Although, Cat seems to get an edge on handling in the front end, but Polaris gets the edge for overall handling. I'm sure the Lynx wasn't included with most of the reviews, but if the PPS is anywhere close to the R-Motion...

Can't say I like the Naming scheme of the Lynx.

XTerrain = Summit

Boondocker = Freeride (or vise-versa, could be the Xterrain is Freeride and Boondocker is Summit)

Xtrim = Renegade Back Country.

49 Ranger = Cross between Expedition and a Tundra?
69 Ranger = Expedition with 20" track
69 Ranger Alpine = Expedition with SWT (24")

Rave = MXZ

Commander = Grand Touring

59 Yeti = Skandic WT

When I said they came with features that Skidoo didn't. One example is that almost all of them have the deluxe gauges.

One thing I am noticing is the lack of choices per model. For example. The Xtrim comes with either 600 ACE, 900 ACE, or 850 Etec, but each model does not have that choice. The choice of motor is the choice of model. Meaning, Xtrim = 600 Ace, Xtrim SC = 900 ACE, and Xtrim RE = 850 Etec. The reason that can be an issue is because if you wanted to save money and get the Xtrim for the lessor shock package, but want to get the 850 etec, you don't have that choice. Yes, some people like to do this because they will save money on the initial purchase and then spend $2k on shocks 1-2 years later.

The Xtrim LX looks like an Skidoo Renegade Enduro as far as specs go.

2015 Skidoo Renegade BC 600 Etec
1999 Skidoo Summit X 670 HO (Son's)
1996 Skidoo Touring E 380F (sister's)
1995 Skidoo Summit 583 LQ
1985 Skidoo Tundra 250F
1999 Arctic Cat Jag 340F
1999 Arctic Cat Z 370F (son's) - needs track
1990 Arctic Cat Jag 340F
1982 Arctic Cat Panther 440F
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