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79 enticer wont fire

i have a 1979 enticer 250 with a kihine carb on it. i had a friend rebuilt the fuel pump on the carb for me. and i got it put back on today and it wont suck gas through the fuel line. the gas is 2 inches away from the carb inside the line and when you pull it the gas will bounce up and down but wont suck into the carb. i had someone tell me that crank seals could cause this. could that be???

also i went a head and removed the oil resevour and i am mixing the gas my self could this have anything to do with it?
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Is the pump working properly? Try disconnecting the fuel line from the carb and put the end into a container. Pull the rope a few times to see if any fuel comes out. You should get some every crank.

If you are getting fuel, the inlet needle/seat may be stuck shut, which doesn't allow any fuel into the float bowl. A good carb cleaning will solve that. The Keihin carbs have a few more parts than Mikunis but when I had Enticer 300's, I didn't have to buy kits to clean. Be careful not to tear any gaskets, especially the float bowl one.

I doubt mixing the oil has anything to do with your problem. JMHO
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