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1994 Phazer II Advice

How's it going everyone? New to the forum page. I have a chance to get a 1994 Phazer II with 1200 miles on it for $400.00. The only dampener is.....it hasn't run in 5 years. I am pretty handy when it comes to rebuilding a top end, cleaning carbs, etc, but it's the little things with sleds that I may not know. I am going to of course to a compression test to each of the cylinders, make sure nothing got tweeked in the front end, dry rot on the track, the general look-over. But my questions to the sled guru's out there is what would you be looking at also? Does this sound like a good deal? I was going to take some starter fluid with me just to see if I can get a backfire. Also, I would believe anything over 100psi in the cylinders would be good? I appreciate any help that comes my way, as I am going to look at it this Sunday.

Thanks again
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sounds like you have the basics covered and you found an excellent deal. i would forgo the starting fluid and simply test for spark. spark tester or an extra spark plug to a head bolt. knowing you have spark and compression, it will run.

if you opt for the purchase, figure on a thorough carb cleaning, maybe replacing a fuel fuel and oil lines and a good once over with the lube and cleaner. depending on how and where it was stored, the exhaust and airbox could be an issue if the critters took a liking to it. also figure on removing the fuel tank to rid any old gas and you may consider draining the oil tank.

about the only thing i would be concerned with is the oil injection system. not a big deal, you just wont be able to confirm its working until you get the sled running. you can always premix.
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Sounds like a good deal. As long as you don't start finding issues. I'd be concerned with engine, not so much track, belt, seat. Those things you can find on ebay fairly resonable. If it were me I'd give it a quick pull or open the housing to the clutch and see if you can crank it over. Hopefully its not frooze up. If it is frooze up I'd make an offer for much less. Good luck, let us know how it goes!
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He said it turns over. That was my biggest concern. I think I'm going to give it a look. Good summer project I think.
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What yamadad said. A big thing about compression is if the cylinders are equal. May be a little tough to get a real accurate reading since it's sat for 5 years. Sounds like a great deal to me especially if it has compression and spark..
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Please remember, its a buyers market !! I just bought my 96 phazer 2 mountain lite for $800.
It came with an new $85 mix jug of oil, gas-n-go ready. Serch your local craigs list, you'll probly
Find something ready to ride for less than you'll spend fixing the unknown?
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