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86 Phazer Question

We just put a 93 Phazer motor in my 86 sled, changed out clutch, etc. Put everything back together and I'm having running issues. It was backfiring and dying, ran new fuel lines and changed filters, fixed that. It still doesn't want to take off from idle when I punch it. I have to ease into it to get it going and it bogs out at about 45-50mph. It runs, but boggy on top end. Any adjustment recommended, I toyed with the carb a little and it seemed like I made it worse....I got it back to roughly where I had it, but doesn't seem to be right still. Pump seems to be pumping well; I noticed on several sites they say these carbs are a bear to sync up. IS there truth to this, and if so any recs on how to sync them properly? THANKS!
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Did you thoroughly clean the carbs. Did you replace the exhaust gaskets?

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Where in Indiana are you?
I'm always driving around the state, may be able to drop by and help out.

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phazer carbs

Did you clean the carbs? If you did, did you get the rubber plugs back in the right places? Theres 3 small holes one plug goes on the middle smaller hole, and the other goes over the pilot jet. Make sure the pilot jet is clean, also theres a tiny hole that goes across from where the pilot jet is to the passage where the main jet is, make sure its clear. As your looking at the carbs with the bowls off theres a vent hole above the floats, make sure its clear. I usually sync them by sticking something in the carb by the linkage side and set the idle screw until it just barely touches ( i use a pin or needle but you could use whatever) then adjust the other carb using the center screw until its the same. Turn the air idle mixture scews in till they barely touch then out 1 1/2 turns. If you cleaned the mainjets and all the rest of the carb is clean you should be good to go. Good luck I hate phazer carbs lol
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+1 for cleaning the carbs. Probably could get away with just dumping the old watery gas out of the bowls...
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Don't let the fuel pump fool you. How do you know its pumping well? Have you ever rebuilt it? Reason I ask is because I had top end issues and found I had a ripped diaphragm in the pump which I replaced and that resolved my issue.
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