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1997 Ski-Doo Mach 1 700 Advice

I just picked up a real clean 1997 Ski Doo Mach 1 700 for $1200 bucks. The sled is in real nice shape, 144 newer studs, plastic skis with newer wear rods and everything works as it should. The Mach 1 has good compression in all three cylinders and has 4071 miles on it. I'm just looking for a little advice on how to keep the sled running well for a couple thousand more miles (hopefully). I have read that these 700 triple motors are "bulletproof" and run great for a long time. I have also read that they are not Ski-Doo's best motor and few of them ever see 5000 miles without blowing. So 2 different opinions on the same motor. Any Ski-Doo buffs out there have any advice or tips on what a guy could do to keep this sled running good for a while before the inevitable meltdown happens? The previous owner says he never had a single problem with the sled and that it always performed awesome. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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They aren't ski doo's best, but they can certainly get more than 5k. Just go through the pre season prep steps and you won't have anything to worry about. You can get an owner's manual that will tell you everything that needs to be done.

Some steps:
Change the spark plugs
Drain chaincase oil
Check drive chain tension
Refill chain case
Replace fuel and oil filter
Clean air filter
Drain and refill gas tank
Check track condition, tension, and alignment
Check and lubricate suspension
Check pulleys and clean
Inspect drive belt
Check throttle cable for free operation
Check steering, ski leg camber adjustment, and ski runner condition
Check electrical wiring and connections
Inspect condition of starting rope
Check tightness of all bolts, nuts, and links
Change coolant
Inspect seals for possible cuts and leaks
Inspect brake condition, operation and lubricate ratchet wheel
Refill injection oil tank
Adjust oil injection pump
Set engine timing
Adjust carburetors

The manual I have for my mach 1 listed those steps. The recommended that a few of them be preformed by a dealer but really the only one that should be done by a dealer would be the engine timing.
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I know someone who has a 1998 Mach 1 700.. Has just over 4300 miles. The crank sheared off just after the first cylinder on the PTO side. We later traced the problem back to the seal behind the PTO dry rotted out. We had no symptoms of an air leak, just all a sudden there was a whining (bearing going) then mis firing.. We shut it down on the trail and the motor never rolled over again (lol) ended up towing it for 30 miles to nearest city.
We ended up rebuilding it for about 500 dollars US.

Dont let this steer you away from the sled. They can be great sleds just make sure you keep up on maintainence.

If I were you I would start the motor up and open the hood and spray carb cleaner behind the primary clutch (pto side) see if it revs up.. Probably wont. But better to be safe than sorry like us... haha
Good Luck man
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