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New to Forum: Any 1990/91 Safari LE Owners out there?

Hi Everyone,
I'm new to the forum, and from what I've seen, I'm very impressed with the amount of expertise and material! As the title to this thread indicates, my family has a couple 1990 Skidoo Safari LE's (377, single carb) and one 1991 Skidoo Safari LE (377, twin carb).

Depending on the sled, the mileage is any where from 1000-1500 on each. We've had some issues in the past with carbs gumming up and/or burning up pistons presumably to lean conditions.

Since I've learned how to 'summarize' the sleds, we haven't had many issues at all. Sleds start up easily at the beginning of the season, and we just go.

Couple questions for you fellow sled heads:
-Tuning the carbs: I've read the post and looks like the best way to see how the sleds are running is to run them at 1/2 or full throttle for 1/4+ mile, hit the kill switch, and then pull the plugs. Wet/Black = Rich, Dry/White = Lean. Now, in order to run on the rich side, do I simply turn the air screw Counter-clockwise, and lean = clockwise? Is that all I need to do? I'm using a stock carb, so I assume it is fairly well optimized in terms of jets, etc.
-General Maintenance: I fog the engine, drain the carbs, and add fuel stabilizer for the summer, and I've recently learned how to grease the various points on the track, but should I be concerned with anything else?
-How fast should these sleds go? The best I've gotten on a snow covered road/trail is ~60mph. I've a fairly big guy (275+ pounds), but is this normal?
-Is there anything I can do to get some more speed out of these air cooled machines?

Looking forward to any responses. Thanks!
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if the carbs are clean you shouldn't have a lean(white plug)issue.thet come from the factory jetted for -25c.the air screws only change the mixture from idle to 1/4 throttle.out is lean(more air) in is rich(less air).you may want to check the oil pump adjustment and the intake boots for cracks if you are encountering a lean condition.60 mph is about all they get.
adding nitro will probably get you 90mph at least once.LOL
happy sleddin!
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i own a 90 safarl, single carb and most i can get form them is around 60 mph also, there great on gas and has torque. i had my machine up to 80 ot 85 mph before but change the gearing, it had a verry slow acceleration. wide ski-s and ski skins are great for these machine. on - BRP Ski-Doo you can download the operators manual for free.
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