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Old 10-08-2007, 04:59 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Oil Spraying from Exhaust

Let me first start out by saying that I do not consider myself to be a guy that knows a lot about how to fix snowmobiles, but I do have quite a bit of fresh knowledge of how these machines work. With that being said, please bare with me if my question seems to be asked in very simple terms. I have an '88 Ski Doo Stratos that when I run it, it has a very fine mist of oil coming out of the exhaust. The point that I see it coming out is at the first point in the exhuast that has springs(Not the exhaust manifold, but the next joint-where first section of exhaust joins to the exhaust manifold pipe). It is quite a fine spray, but it is constant. I know that this is an old sled, and many of you will want to tell me that the Stratos is a junk sled, and that it isn't worth fixing, but it is all I've got, and it is all I can currently afford. Ideally, I don't want to have to take the engine apart, or do anything drastic, but I'm hoping that somebody can help me to fix this in a fairly simple way(hopefully ). I don't want to just cover up the problem, but I also don't want to have to spends hundreds of dollars fixing it. It has oil injection(hope that is what it is called). Could this be putting to much oil into the gas mix? I haven't checked the compression, but I can really feel the compression when I pull on the pull start quite a bit(more than last season). Any, and all help is greatly appreciated. Like I said, this is all I've got, and I would be really upset if I can't fix it.
Thanks so much everyone,
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are you fouling plugs? take those springs off and see if theres a gasket to be replaced in there.
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At the joint you mentioned, there is usually a ball type (gray-foil) gasket/o-ring. It is not uncommon for oil spray to blow out of that joint & make a big mess. I fixed mine by using high-temp black silicon (Permatex) & apply a light coating all around the ball gasket. Re-assemble & let it cure overnight & you should be in good shape!!
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Yes I am fouling plugs. I'm not sure if they are getting gas on them, or oil though. It's also very warm, and very humid here right now(30 degrees celcius) so I'm not sure if the heat had something to do with the rich mixture. I didn't run the engine for more than a minute or 2 though to avoid overheating. I did replace the head gasket last week thinking that the oil was coming from there, and not the exhaust. What gasket would I need to replace to keep the oil out of the exhaust? Any other ideas of what I could do to fix it? All help is awesome, and is greatly appreciated.
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I don't think there is a gasket on this style used by Ski-Doo. I think you are going to have to replace the springs and use a high heat silicone like Ultra Copper to seal the exhaust joints. Your oil injection setting might be a bit rich too. There should be two lines that have to line up on the side of the pump. One on the lever that moves with the throttle cable and one on the pump its self. At idle these should be alligned.
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Can this be a sign of something much worse? When I run the sled, I notice that the oil is spraying from right to left, not from the engine side. I'm also not sure how much I went through exactly, but with running the sled for approx 10 to 15 minutes over the past week or so, I have gone through about 1 inch of the oil resevoir. This definitely is not good as it will cost me a fortune in oil over the winter. I can replace the springs, and seal the joints, but won't this just be hiding the problem? I will definitely check the oil injection settings, but I'm worried as to how the oil is getting into the exhaust in the first place. Thanks guys and girls, without all this help, I wouldn't learn a thing.
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Running in summer temps will cause it to run rich, however, it may just be that the oil pump needs to be re calibrated due to its age. Sounds as if it is over oiling.
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oh canada hmmmhmmmhmm
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I'm with RJ on this. The sled runs it just has excessive oil being put in. Pull as much of the injector as you can off and clean it make sure all the seals are ok. If you have any concerns about blowing the motor when you recalibrate use some mixture gas for safty. Heres how i know how to check.
Use mixture gas a seperate can to fuel pump.
pull both oil injector lines off (you will be safe since you are already using a mix)
readjust the injector to the bottom.
start the motor and adjust the injector so that it barely drips out of the lines.
I just did it on my artic cat a month or so ago and no problems so far. I good trip down the front lawn and mutiple starts while its being stored waiting for the snow.

good luck with this should be fairly simple also dont fix the muffler till you are sure you have fixed the root problem.
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Wow, thanks for the advice. I have to admit that it sounds very complicated for me. I will try to do this, but I'm not sure that with my limited knowledge that I will even be able to. I will try to do it though if you think it is necessary. To tell you the truth, I barely even know what the oil pump looks like, and don't even know what the fuel pump looks like. I'm afraid that by doing all of this that I might get into something that I can't get out of. With that being said, if you wouldn't mind giving me a much more detailed description of how to do this all, and what to look for, I will attempt it.
Thanks so much,
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Try sealing the joint like IRS or Jim Jessup suggested. Two-stroke exhaust is really messy, especially at idle. There is not enough heat in the exhaust to keep the oil vaporized, nor enough velocity to carry it all the way through, so it condenses on the pipe. Any exhaust leaks will have a lot of oil in 'em. Seal the leaks, retest when it's cold. You are right, at 30 deg. C, the fuel/air mix will be very rich. It's hard to do a good diagnosis of a problem unless the engine is running in the temps you will find out sledding.
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I had a problem just like this, I had oil dripping from everywhere. Good thing is the engine is getting more oil and not less. Check the oil injector cable for a kink in it, this was the problem that I had, so every time you give it throtle the kink would catch in the sleeve and hold the injector wide open causing more oil to go thru than what can be burned off so it comes out the exhaust.
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