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2000 Polaris Classic Touring Problems

Hey guys,
I hope you can help me out here. I got my father a 2000 classic touring 500 for xmas and we finally got some snow. we took it around the yard so he could test it out. I found the steering very difficult, but thats the least of the issues right now. The lights would be bright, then dim, then brighten up again at random times (High and low RPM) also, the clutches are messed up. Seems like whenever pressure is put onto the track, the belt wont grab. The primary closes to grab but then the secondary never moves. Any help on any of these issues would be great. Not a great start to the season.
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First thing to check on the steering is if the steering column grease fitting has been greased. That fitting gets missed a lot. It's hard to get to and often requires the removal of the carbs to access. You may have to take a heat gun to heat up the shaft to soften the old grease to allow new stuff in. To check, lift the front of the sled and turn the bars. Is the effort difficult? If so, check the shaft and lube. Lube all the heim joint ends with oil while you're at it. If it's loose, look at the skis/wearbars. If there's excessive lengths of carbide on the skis, that could make turning harder.

If that maintenance had not been done, it's likely that both clutches need cleaning/service, as well. Check the sheave faces in the primary for belt residue, a black ring means rubber build-up on the primary isn't making good contact with the belt and the belt slips instead of grabbing. Sometimes it gets bad enough to require a scraper or knife. Don't gouge the aluminum and finish with a roughing up of the clutch with a green scotchbrite pad or sandpaper. Look at the sides of the belt as well; old, glazed rubber on the edges will not grip very well either.

For the light issue, I would start with all the grounds. It could be you are losing contact. Second thought would be voltage regulator.

Nice of you to get your dad into sledding, hope it gets better so he enjoys it!!
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Thanks for the advice. When I get home tonight I'm going to go through it and double check everything, grease it up and see what I can find out. After that's fixed I get to fix my sled that died on the trail last night . Hope its not going to be one of those years
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