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95 XLT bogging down

I have a 95 XLT. I have been have issues with it running. I ran it 2yrs ago and it just started bogging down on me. My dad thought it was the fuel filter. Last year I replaced the fuel filter even though it wasn't dirty and cleaned all three carbs with only one a lil dirty but still same problem.

The sled fires right up after a couple pulls cold, but even after let idle for awhile when I give it throttle to go it bogs down and dies unless I let off throttle. Once in awhile I can slowing depress throttle and it will go but only for a short distance sometimes.

I have yet to clean carbs again this year and I've read about maybe a clutch problem and plan on cleaning that as well. Any ideas????
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If focus on carbs the xlt is very finicky about carb adjustments. Also do a compression check to rule that out

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Pay particular attention to the pilot jets [up the tube] and be sure to floss them.
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bogging is usually caused by too much gas in the mix of gas/air. be careful if you give it too much air it could seem to be running fine but will overheat and blow a piston. if your plugs are black you need more air, and if they are white you need more gas.
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While u have them apart check the choke. Make sure they Arnt hanging up and adjusted correctly.
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when you have the air box off stick 2 fingers, one in the carb on clutch side and the other in the middle. tap the throttle and see if the slides move the same, then stick one finger in the middle carb and the other finger in the carb on the mag side and do the same. also grab each choke cable and move it up and down to see if its lose. If all 3 are lose good. When you have the carbs apart make sure all the jets are the same size. Like the main jet make sure there all the same. on my 95 xcr its 260 main jet(and yes its a triple) If youve done all you can do with settin you carbs up and adjusting it right then it could be your clutches and youll have to rebuild em both. Thats what i did with mine. Rebuild em both. Bushing, helix buttons, rollers, cam arm. whole 9 yards. Hope you get everythin goin right before snow hits
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like stated above also try it with back of sled off the ground and see if it doese same thing
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