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99 xc sp 700 advanceing the timing?

i have a 99 xcsp700 and i noticed the stator mounting plate has an arrow on it thats lined up with the timing mark and the plate looks like it could be adjusted...i was wondering if i could advance the timing to get alittle more power outa it with out detonation and blowing the thing up abd if i can which way should i move the plate and how much is a safe amount to move it
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you can advance it safely 2 degrees but you have to check your timing and be right on you cant do it by just turning the stator it probably will be off.its a whole procedure you need a timing light dial indicator and rpm gauge. the tach on the sled is usually off.
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Spec on a 98 big block is 6' (dont the little circle for degree's) at 1500, 6' at 200 jumps to like 12' at 4500, peeks at 17 around 7000 then starts to retard toward real high rpm.

the 6' spec says plus or minus 1.5', and as polaris1010 mentioned, you need to run a dial indicator in the mag side cylinder to ensure the timing marks you are looking at with a timing light are spot on. 6' before is 0.0092" (hundred thousands of an inch) before top dead center.

The reason I know all this is I just rebuilt my motor and installed a new stator, I have it all buttoned up, runs awesome, but I realised I never put a timing light on it, so I looked up all these spec's, and guess what I get to do tonight after work...

good thing is I have put maybe a whole mile on it since I got it running.

And by the way, the specs were the same for the 700 also

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