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01 z440 sp dies

for over a year i have been tracing an issue with this sled, even the previus owner had the issue. when you start the sled it allmost allways starts on one cyl and the other kicks on shortly after. then you take off and you can allmost set a timer to it. runs perfect for about 3 minutes and then like someone turned the gas off it will die out and sit there and idle all day, a little rougher idles then when cold but when you go to take off it revs right up the clutch engaged and then it just stays at that rpm gurgling and missfiring and if you really give it to it it will flood the engine. i have gone through everything multiple times stator is 15, 15, and 30 ohms together, less than .005 on the acc coil, trigger is 184 ohms.( bracket looks slightly tweaked), ive tried different coils. stock jetting in carbs, cluches are working properly. i even heated the stator and trigger out of the motor with a hair dryer to see if there was an open being created when it gets warm. but three or four minutes is not going to make much heat. the motor is fresh top to bottom by the way. carbs are very clean. allthough im thinging about having them dipped in n ultrasonic cleaner and then replacing the nozzles and jets just to be sure.needles are in the middle position. and when it is doing the bog you can see fuel mist coming out of the carbs so its not running out of fuel. ive tested all of the switches and have not found any purple wires that are chafed. i cant figure it out. after it does this you can go back a half hour later and go for a nother loop the same distance. my ground wires are both going to the same bolt on the recoil mounting bolt and there is another ground going from near the pulse port to the chassis. any help would be appeciated.
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If you unplug the main harness [4 wire plug] from the engine, will it still do it?
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So have you cleasned or rebuilt the fuel pump?
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I feel your pain my GF is riding a 2000 Z440 that has got the best of me it runs good one day and the next it wont go faster than 40 it starts on one cylinder I have dumped alot of money in it after are 4 day long weekend and working on it way to much I am going to trade it in
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The fuel pump is new and i got rid of the four prong and wired it with bullet conectors because before if you unplugged it it would idle a little different but it would still do it so i dont think i have a short, when you put it on a stand it will rev up fine, i have a new primary spring that im going to install even though i think it engages fine. And im thinking about trying different jets to see if it changes. It may be the coil but i tried a different coil from a yamaha and it still happened. Let it sit for a while and you can do another lap and it wont skip a beat then when you slow down or stop it wont take off again
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