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King Cat overheating

Hi all, I used to be an avid rider till gas went through the roof. My son is now old enough to ride so were back in it. I purchased a 2003 mx?? 800
with 900 miles for him and a 05 King Cat with 1500 miles on a siezed engine for me. 3k for both.
My friend who sold them to me said that he rode the cat for about three hours b4 engine siezed. He topped off gas and oil b4 the ride. The gas was half empty and the oil was still topped off.
I tore motor dwn to crank and took all to machine shop. Crank/rods were good so I replaced bearing and main seals only and put case back together. One cly was fine some light alum build up and the pto side had alot more build up but both cleaned up great and didnt need resleeving. So I replaced pistons and rings and full gasket kit.
Put it all together and it fired after a few pulls. The motor seemed to shake more than normal at a low idle but once i reved it up a little it smoothed out. I ran it up and dwn the rode for about 5mins max it ran really smooth and sounded great but the temp warning lights came on and cly's were very hot. I let it cool dwn and started it again in my garage "mistake" just giving it little spurts of throttle and it heated up the cyl's again after about three mins. The hose up top was hot but the hose on bottom at water pump was cool. I tested thermostat and its working correctly.
Im thinking maybe an airlock in the cooling system. Does anyone know how to trouble shoot the cooling system or a way to bleed it? There is a smaller coolant hose that goes from the theromstat housing area to the carbs, what does that do? It has a red shut off valve before the carbs. It was in the off postion when i got it. I turned it to on while trying motor out after rebuild. i looked at some pics of my old 1M 900 sled and it was in the off position the whole time I had it.
I was also going to try bleeding my oil injection system, does that just include disconnecting hose from oil pump and lettinh oil drain until theres no air in fluid?

Thanks for any help/suggestions guys.
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With it warmed up, put the front end up higher than the rear exchanger and run it with the pressure cap off.
Give the lower hose a squeeze occasionally to help move any air up and out.

Also, did you bleed the oil lines to the pump before running it after the rebuild.
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Did you ever find out WHY it didn't pump oil?
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Thanks, I did get the cooling system bled using your technic. It did work I think I only had 1/4 of the coolant I needed. I have the gas/oil mixed now. I'm going to try and bleed oiler tonight then run it a bit Sat in the hills and see if the oil level drops at all.
Im not sure why it didnt get oil in the first place. Im tempted to just get a new oil pump to be sure.

Thanks for the help guys!
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Old 12-29-2012, 06:19 PM   #5 (permalink)
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Ok I took it out for a few hours today. I premixed gas 50:1 to be safe and marked the oil level. When finished riding the oil level didnt drop at all. I guess I found the reason engine siezed. I'll order a new one tonight. I know the pump also oils the pump will it hurt much if I ride it premixed until new pump gets here?
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