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I agree that the etec is amazing but I'm not too sure once you get 4000 plus miles on it. I know my buddies have 10,000 miles on their 1200 4 strokes and they say mileage and speed gets better as miles add up. Etec buddies say after they get the miles up there they are always thinking about if the motor is going to let go when crossing a lake ect. The reason I went with the 4 stroke is I expect to keep it along time. If I could afford to upgrade every 2 to 3 years maybe I would look at an etec but for now I will stick to my tried and true 1200 4 tec. As far as the 900 goes it will do 90 plus and pulls real well to 75 plus. I personally can't say a lot about the 900 as I have never owned one.
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