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Stuck / Rusted Secondary Clutch

I posted about this before but it was when I was having other problems more pressing. My secondary is stuck/rusted on. I had tried the penetrating oil thing but I was doing it wrong. I only had the sled tipped up 3/4 so I suppose it didn't soak in. Also, it didn't hit me that the threaded hole is not what needs oil but the top of the shaft and keyway so it soaks down.

So...I'm trying it again this time with the sled as vertical as I can. However, last fall I had my mechanic work on it (and charge me) for an hour only to say he couldn't get it off either and thought perhaps between the soaking and driving it might break free over the winter. It didn't.

So here I am soaking again hopefully the right way contemplating other methods I've read about:

I've considered pulling the jackshaft out but I really don't want to remove the gear case let alone the belly pan.

What about a large 3 claw puller - O'Reilly has one free but the bolt is so long I'd have to drill a 1" hole in the pan like the one for the primary plus I don't know if the claws will damage the shaft or sheves?

I've read some guys use a harmonic balancer / flywheel puller using the three belt deflection screws but if its on there like I think they might strip/break.

Heat is out of the question...I don't have the finesse to not melt something down.

More patience / lube?

What do you guys think? It's bugging the snot out of me.

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