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Originally Posted by slednecks18 View Post
Ive got a 95 xlt and when running im adjusting the idle and I can not get it to drop.. ..when I burp the throttle and engage the clutch the rpms will sit @4k til I kill the sled... all carbs have been cleaned and new chokes....I have sprayed around crank seal and all boots and no leaks anywhere....does anyone have anyidea?.....I also have a secondary issue and that is after warming up the sled bogs down at 4k rpms like its lackung fuel

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I have the same issue minus the secondary. It happened last Saturday when I was out on a ride with my club. I ended up tossing it on the trailer of shame, lol, I didn't want to smoke my engine. But, I too have replaced my chokes and done everything you have.

is your the 579 (580) or the 597 (600)?

Mine felt like it had power, but yet "tight" at the same time, I also have a strange sound like a "ping" or "knock" like the old cars did if they didnt have Leaded fuel. It seems to only do that at a higher RPM, if it does it at idle I can not hear it due to its subtle nature.

this morning however when I was examining my plugs, I did notice some frost on my 3rd plug (PTO side) I'm wondering if I have an O-ring or head gasket beginning to fail?

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