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that is a very trick question, and should only be answered by you.

you need to take into account the kind of riding you do, and how often you find yourself doing it.

if you only bottom out once every great while, then i would say to leave it where it is, as it is set up for the 95% of what you ride. it doesn't matter what/who's/how much money you have in your suspension, it will always bottom from time to time, as there will always be that one dip in the trail, or that new place you went, or you hit it way different than you did last time scenario.

all of which can be accounted for next time you ride, to keep it from happening again.

if you find it happening more often, then you need to adjust something. for instance. if your always ditch banging, and most of the time you are dropping in and bottoming out, then for your riding style/conditions, you would need something a little stiffer.

i will also say, don't set up your suspension for the 10% of the time of something you might do. the well, every now and then we go over here, and there is this one big jump that i hit every now and then. if you set up your suspension for those conditions, for the other 90% of the time you ride, it will be to stiff, and not as enjoyable as it could be.

i carry around a wrench, in my trunk, that allows me to adjust my spring tensioners out on the trail, for just this reason. it takes all of 2 mins, to hop off, get wrench, turn tensioners, put wrench away, and go hit jumps.

the trick is, making yourself want to do that. most people don't. the just run their stuff a little stiff. i prefer nice and cushy, proper suspension when i ride. i don't like a little stiff when it doesn't have to be.

the only time i personally run to stiff intentionally, is when I'm going on new trail, or places i haven't been yet, as i don't know what to expect. you would be suprised at how many G-out situations you can come across when your exploring.

also, that small write up, is made for general suspension setup. everyone will need to tweak it a little for themselves. say if you have real aggressive ski's, or a lot of studs. or depending on what your rider position is when you ride, are you more rider forward or backward. do you sit more, or stand. even things like do you carry alot of weight in your trunk. if you have a tunnel extension for a long track, do you put anything on that when you ride. all those things, and alot more, will change how your suspension acts when out riding.

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