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My first post! Hi, everyone.

I've been using the Arctiva brand balaclavas and they seem to work great. Ordered through Dennis Kirk. On the sized ones, I've found I require a small/medium, even though my helmets are all sized (L)large.
or should i ditch this and get a full face?
I would at least give it a try.

Some will mention cold issues, but we ran the USCC Red Lake I-500 here and every rider I saw wore an MX-style helmet with temps in the -20's during the 3-day event. This is true of every cross-country race in fact. All styles have been tried, but mx-style is the current winner. I prefer their lighter weight design. You can pick up a snell-approved mx helmet that weighs in at just 3 lbs, with a couple going even less. They feel like a feather compared to my standard full-face versions. Your neck can really tell a difference after a full day of ditch riding with the two styles. I have never desired more warmth with an mx-style helmet. In fact the opposite is usually true.

Also, the only difference I find between my "snowcross" labeled helmets and "motorcross" labeled helmets is, sometimes, an included breath guard/box feature. The lining and all else are exactly the same, even offerings from the same manufacturer of both types(snow/bike). btw-My favorite(best fitting) helmet is an ordinary motocross helmet that doesn't even have a breath guard but I find it unnecessary anyway.

Fogging is almost non issue with a double lens set of goggles. Only problem I ever have is when you stop and bs with someone for a while on the ride. But as soon as you're moving again they clear up. I now lower my goggles to my neck if I stop for any longer than a minute or so. Your breath warms up the air between the 2 panes and the fog sets in.
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